Thursday 3 February 2011

An almost finished project!

Recently I went to Artist Trading Post to do an Altered Scrapbook workshop with Anneliese.  This involved making an altered book using a discarded library book.  The one I chose has a beautiful silver cover (although you can't tell from the photo!) and was a children's book about the author Jacqueline Wilson.   The pages were very glossy and bright.    After tearing out pages and folding some in various directions we set about randomly painting, inking, stamping, sticking down scrapbooking paper and collage elements.

Some time ago I signed up for one of Shimelle's classes for which I had commercially printed a whole selection of photos on different topics.   Needless to say I haven't finished that project ~ I'm not sure that I got past about day 3 ~ but I had lots of photos.

The joy of doing this book was that I could stick photos anywhere.  They didn't have to be in any order or make any sense.  I've done some journaling on some of the pages and not on others.   It's a book I can come back to and add a bit here and there if I want to.

I put a couple of tags here from a swap I did on UKS.  Thanks to the ladies who made them.

Some more tags from the UKS swap

I don't like the backgrounds on some of the pages ~ they are too random!  However I love the idea of making this sort of book (now that I've got over the whole thing of desecrating a book by pulling pages out!!!) and will probably make another one but with a theme and a colour scheme.


  1. It's lovely. I'm off to do an altered book at AFTH in March. I love the idea of them.

  2. your pages!

  3. welcome to the addictive world of altered books!! I love working in them, and have used a few as CJs.

    Yours looks great!


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