Monday 14 February 2011

Artist Trading Cards

On Friday I went to another workshop, Mini ATC Art Journal,  at Artist Trading Post.   Anneliese showed us how to make ATCs and we made a little book to keep them in.    We made a few of the cards in the morning and then in the afternoon inked and stamped the pages of the book.

Yesterday I made these 12 ATCs to go in my book.

Here are the covers of the book

And now all the pages ready for me to journal and to doodle to my heart's content.

Of course, there's a real possibility that it will never get any further.  The journaling is always the hard part.  However I've booked to go on a journaling workshop ~ so you never know it might get finished!


  1. I think they're absolutely lovely as they are, so even if you don't do any journalling you still have a beautiful book!

  2. Bernice, these are sooooo pretty!!! Every detail is gorgeous!

  3. They are excellent, never quite saw the need to do ATC's but after seeing these I feel like having a go!!!

  4. I love these Bernice!! Such beautiful pieces of work!

  5. Oh wow, it looks as if you had a LOT of fun! These are lovely Bernice, and do I get the impression that you're totally hooked??

  6. I love those ATC cards! Did you adhere them to the pages in the book or just slot them in? That's a great idea, especially as I can't bear to give or trade my ATCs! They're mine (stomping foot) and I'm keeping them forever.... ha ha!


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