Saturday 5 February 2011

A background technique

Dyan Reaveley made this video of how to do a ghosting technique using her Dylusions Ink Sprays.

These are my first 3 attempts with this technique.  The first two samples are directly on to white paper.

The page below already had some left over paint on it from where I had been working on another page and blotted the left over ink onto the paper.

I don't usually leave this amount of white round the edge of the page ~ I do like the idea of some white but there's probably too much here.  When I come back to working on it again I'll maybe apply some more ink.


  1. I have to still to try this week but it looks great fun and you have some great pages thete

  2. I like the bottom one with lots of white around it, The white looks purposeful.

  3. I love these... and that last one, the white is such a great stark contrast to the rest... it really looks intentional. Do you really want to add more ink there??

    PS> my word verification today was "noninki"... what does that mean considering we're talking about inks here? :)


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