Thursday 5 January 2012

Doodles Unleashed

Doodles Unleashed is a 4 week online course at Strathmore.  This is a free course with Traci Bautista.

I'm also taking part in a photography challenge called 365+1.  This involves taking a photo a day and Suzie provides us with a theme for the day.  Today's theme was excitement.   Now possibly my dining room table doesn't excite you or the obvious mess (although this is quite tidy for me), however the excitement lies in the iPad (a Christmas present) on which I am able to watch Traci's video as I work.

Previously I watched the art videos upstairs on the desktop and then ran downstairs to do the work before I forgot and then ran back upstairs for a reminder viewing!

Traci showed how to make layers on your page by spraying ink through stencils or over masks.

Then adding more layers of paint, oil pastel and black ink. Then doodling with marker pens.

And finally doodle with a white correction fluid pen.

The final effect is not very 'me'.   However I'm really glad I gave it a go.  One more technique to cross off the 'Is this possibly my style?' list.


  1. Now I really like that one - it is so vibrant. Great work

  2. I love that teardrop stencil, what is it? Yours has come out lovely over all.

    So far I'm finding it really relaxing, just sat last night when the sprayed bit was dry doodling with paint and not minding! Am going to add some oil pastels to it later today and then maybe more paint and pen doodles.

  3. I love your last line. I think it's important to recognize what doesn't work.

  4. I think it looks great. Having computer problems so have just managed to watch the videos tonight.

  5. I especially like the top photo of the spraying through stencils, and masks. I really want to do a lot more of this. I did buy a bunch last summer and haven't even used most of them yet....

  6. I am so loving that Bernice!! I'm still waiting for the paints I bought on E-bay to arrive, but hoping to get a chance to play on Sunday while the boys are at their Gang Show rehearsals.

  7. This looks fab ... enjoy your ipad.


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