Friday 13 January 2012

One Little Word ~ January

I am using the prompts from Ali Edwards in the BPC class One Little Word 2012.  I did the class last year but felt at the end of the year that I had completed the tasks for the class but that my word: RESTORE had not made as much impact on my life as I would have liked.

I am determined this year to move forward, to do less procrastinating and to achieve my goals.  And to that end, as you know, I have written them down.

Although I have to be honest and admit that I do love this poster.  A brilliant excuse for procrastination.

I am using the same binder as I used in 2011 so needed a page (on the left) to cover the blank page behind the last entry for 2011.   I used Wordle  to make a graphic of the relevant words and then listed my goals for 2012.

The small page on the left should have a photo of me on it but I haven't found one I like yet!

Ali provides the prompts and the graphics to print out.  Instead of putting the 9 cards into individual pockets I have stuck mine onto Kraft card and put it into one large pocket.


  1. Loving this Bernice, thanks for the link to wordle .. that could be very useful ! :D x

  2. Ha ha - I love the homework quote - would share it with the students but it may give them too much of an excuse :0)
    Looking good


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