Wednesday 25 January 2012

A home for tags

I have been on lots of courses run by Anneliese.  To the extent that the running joke was that she was thinking of installing a hammock as I seemed to be there so often I may as well sleep there!

Anyway, this has meant that I have part-finished altered books, completely finished altered books, an altered scrapbook book and lots of tags.  You can find out about Anneliese's workshops at Creative Journey Workshops.

One of her upcoming workshops is her Altered Technique Book which is a mix of making tags and journaling about the technique in an altered book.   And so, inspired by the photo on Anneliese's website, I set about altering a book.

But rather than recycling/upcycling an old printed book I used a sketchbook that I've had lying about for ages.   I removed some of the pages ready to start.

When I start projects, especially when I'm at workshops, the fear factor jumps in or the perfectionism streak!  I get really stuck with the colours, the theme, the everything about what the finished project will look like and find many ways to procrastinate!   So I decided that I would just not think about it, and stick things down and paint and stamp without thought for the end result.

Last year I had taken part in an international swap of collage ephemera all of which I was keeping in the envelopes they came in, inside a box.  So not likely to ever make it to a page!! 
 I spread out all the ephemera on the table and sorted into piles of similar papers or bits.

Then I randomly stuck the ephemera down on the blank pages.   I chose 3 colours of Dylusions acrylic paint - Vanilla, Turquoise and Orange.   I painted every page all over with the Vanilla and added highlights of the orange and turquoise and used some sequin waste to stencil with.
Then I chose 2 sets of Dylusions stamps and limited myself to those and stamped randomly over the pages.

I took each set of tags which had the instructions on how to make them written on the back and copied the information onto the page and then stuck the tag in.  I used a Tippex Mouse to make the white lines to write on.

The tag content so far covers Distress Inks, Alcohol Inks, Using Metal and 10 of the 12 tags of Christmas.  And there's still room for 16 more tags.   Good thing I'm off to another workshop very soon!


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