Thursday 27 August 2015

In my journal

Continuing my France Papillon theme I did a double page in the new journal I made at the weekend.  First of all I watched this video.  I'm not really known for doing exactly what the tutor says but I thought I would try.

First problem: despite buying all that new product at the weekend I hadn't bought white crackle - I bought Platinum Crackle so I used that instead.  I did the layers as demonstrated in the video until I got to the clear crackle layer.  I only had some old Crackle Medium so I used that instead.  When I added the Luminarte Primary Elements they reacted together in an interesting way.

I carried on, adding white gesso.

Can you see the little fluffy bird?

Then the black gesso which was added and wiped off again.

Randomly stamped and splattered.

And some bits left over from the weekend added with a butterfly I found in my stash.

The thing you don't get from the photos is how these pages feel to the touch.  The various layers of glaze and gesso has produced a beautiful leathery feel.

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  1. That's lovely Bernice. I watched France's video before reading so I could appreciate the technique. I then followed another link that interested me... you know how it is! So half hour or more later I am back! I can imagine the feel of the page and was interested in how France layered crackle glaze and gesso several times. I was also interested how France's page was called lost and found and how she used rust dyed fabric and washers - just what I was doing on last weeks course with Alice Fox - called Lost and Found!


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