Tuesday 4 August 2015


After I had finished my altered book I wanted to play with the products that Shonna had designed for me.

Shonna designed 8 Thermofax screens and Kate Andre designed the 2 word ones.

Shonna designed this set of stamps.

How exciting is that - to have people design and make products for you!!!!  And you can't just have them sitting there, can you?

I needed to play!   But time has been a little short lately so rather than just play for the sake of it, I played at making the backgrounds for my Take Me Deeper pages in September.

Yes, I know that's getting ahead of myself but the theme for September is Promises - and I know this because I had just finished writing the weekly prompts and had sent them off to Mary for editing.

The theme for these pages is 'The Promise of Forgiveness'.   I used the olive branch image to represent forgiveness.   I wiped 3 colours of acrylic paint across the pages.

I used the stamp I had made from Shonna's design.  To make it, I used the thermofax screen on a piece of paper and cut the image out.  I drew round it on some cellulose foam and cut out the stamp.  You have to wet the foam to make it thick and sponge like and then I stuck it on some acrylic packaging.

 I printed with some acrylic paint.

  And when dry I went over it - sketchily - with a white pen.

On this double page spread I used black acrylic paint through the palm branch screen.  The theme for this week is 'The Promise of Wisdom'.  I used the palm branch as a symbol of righteousness and justice.  And the bell and pomegranate from the description of Aaron's robe in Exodus 28:33-34 which i feel links with the wisdom give to Bezalel in Exodus 35:30-35

Then I sprayed with Dylusions red ink spray.

It was too bright so I sprayed Dylusions White Linen spray through a stencil.

And dried off the stencil on another page!

I stamped the bell and the pomegranate stamps randomly on the page.

I coloured the pomegranates with a purple gel pen.  I did four layers so that it looks enamelled.  And I added gold leaf to the bells.

I drew on the palm branches with a white pen.

The theme for these pages is 'Equipped for Life'.   In the Promised Land God provided everything that was needed so I used all of the images.

I applied the acrylic paint and when dry I added the thermofax xcreen images using white acrylic paint.   I didn't use much paint so the images are quite faint.

I added black highlights with a black pen.

And then I thought I would play some more.  I don't make cards but I like making tags.  However I think a tag like this would work as a topper on a card.

I bought some paper napkins that had bottles of wine on but the labels are Love and Joy and things like that.  I tore this bottle from the napkin and took the top layer and glued it to the tag.  I used the coloured spots from the napkin too on the small tag.  I used the vine stamp and stamped on the large tag and the vine leaf on the small tag.  I inked the edges of the tags.  I could have coloured in the stamped images but decided to leave them as they are.  I glued the small tag to the large one and then wrapped the string round.

If you've never used Thermofax screens, here's a short video on how easy they are to use.

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  1. Making your backgrounds ahead of time is brilliant! I think I may borrow your intelligent idea for my own pages. And your tag is absolutely scrumptious.
    Thanks for sharing a video about thermofax screens. I am going to go watch that now.

  2. Beautiful job on all your pages Bernice.


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