Monday 10 August 2015

Owl Hunting

You have my permission to move on to another blog now if you like.  There are 56 photos of owls in this blog post, so I quite understand if you haven't the time to look.

The owls all around Birmingham are called The Big Hoot.  All the owls started off life looking like this:
without the plastic bag, of course!

These were the ones that Sandie & I found over two days in the centre of Birmingham.   They are in the order they are listed on the Trail Map rather than in the order we found them.

1. Big Brown Inky Owl

2. Jewllery Owl

3. Bejewelled Owl

4.  Nature's Growth

5. Priceless

6. One Giant Hoot for Owlkind

7. Wise Owl

8. Skyclad 

9. Delivered by Owl

10. Owl by Night

11. Under the Glow of Moonlight

12. Clash

13. Bluey

14. Dr Whoot

15. The Graduate

16. Tessallated Triangles

17. Leo

18. The Birmingham Children's Hospital Owl

19. Florence Nightin'owl

20. Dotty

21- 24 are further away from the centre so we didn't see them.

25.  Yellow - on the roof of the Custard Factory - as seen from the train

26. Beorma

27. Selfie

28. Skyline 2015

29. The Owl and the Pussycat

30. FreeRadiOwl

31. Re-Tail

32. Starlight

33.  I see a Darkness

34 Nightingale

35. Ozzy's Owl

36. Swirly Whirly Birmingham Owl-land

37. Owl Aboard!

38. Stop - rewind and come again!

39. Peacock

40. Mr. Architect

41. Owl-livia

42. You can call me Owl

43. The Oozells Owl

44. Midnight Moths

45. Percy Pertemps

46. Owlfred

47. Welcome to Birmingham

48. Owlbert

49. Wise Old Owl

50. Jack

51. TropicOwl

52. The Ship

53. Our Happy Hospit-owl

54. New Street Flyer

55. Tick-Tock

56 Unity within Diversity

57. Active Owl

58. Alf the Penguin Owl

59. Bob the Bat

60. Tea T-owl

There's a further 29 large owls to find across the city so maybe I'll go hunting again later in the month.

Which of the owl designs do you like best?

Well done if you've got this far.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I made it to the end!! lol
    Lovely photos Bernice and what fun it is to follow the trail. It gave me a chance to see Birmingham and even you, a native, discovered new things. What I also loved is how this bought the community together. I really enjoyed doing this and it added to my stay. Thank you!

  2. Great photos, I hope they do something similar in Manchester one day!

  3. A note from Esther: I love seeing these, have seen turkeys in a little town in SC. These are a hoot! Sharing these with my granddaughter as she is much into owls! How tall are these? Thanks.


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