Tuesday 11 July 2017

20 days in North America: Vancouver Island

The day started in monchrome yet again but burst into spectacular colour later in the day.  We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the Vancouver Island ferry.


The ferry meandered through the channels between all the islands.

The coach took us on to Victoria where we picked up the hire car.  We drove to Butchart Gardens which was a riot of colour and full of tourists - especially Japanese tourists who were all taking photographs of themselves rather than the garden!

A spectacular sunken garden built in what had been a quarry.

 An amazing fountain

A different view of the sunken garden

A statue of a carousel horse

And the actual carousel which only had adult riders

Another totem pole

Another fountain

Beautiful flowers

And another boat trip.  We were the only people to go to the boats so we got our own personal tour of the creeks around the garden peninsular.   We were able to get really close to the wildlife as it was an electic boat and very quiet.

We were almost in touching distance of this eagle.

Back into the garden for a last look round

And then the drive north to our hotel in Nanaimo.

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  1. Beautiful gardens, and how incredible to get so close to the eagle


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