Friday 28 July 2017

Books on Creativity

When I received the feedback from Christine on our mentoring days, an optional extra was to read some of the books she listed.

I started with Austin Kleon's 'Steal Like an Artist - mostly because it's small and easy to read.  He made some really interesting points so I was glad I read it.

Then I moved on to 'Imagine' by Jonah Lehrer.  This was such an interesting read.  It delves quite scientifically into how creativity works.  There are some really interesting insights into how people work collaboratively.  I really enjoyed finding out about companies like 3M and Pixar.

Christine also recommended Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way' which I have read but didn't do the 12 weeks of work.  As I couldn't find my copy I looked online and discovered Julia had written a new version called 'The Artist's Way for Retirement'.  It has some extra activities in it, however I haven't got past chapter 1.

While I was at Christine's studio she had shown me Denise Lach's 'Calligraphy' which I ordered online and then decided to buy 'Journeys into Calligraphy also.

I saw this book whilst I was at Littleheath Barn so I decided to get myself a copy.  I have done one of the activities in it.  And then I booked to go to a workshop with Bobby Britnell which I hope will help me.

And this book was mentioned in the Visual Language Book.

Whilst I was at Julia Triston's workshop in Stroud I bought a copy of her book.

I bought 'Approaches to Stitch' because it sounded interesting.

In my quest to find my voice, style and get-up-and-go (see this post), I bought this book.  I've read part of it and it's really good - if only I actually did the suggested exercises.  I was a bit put off by the chapter on chakras!

While I was on Christine's Paper Lamination workshop I bought this

And lastly I just had to have the latest Lynda Monk book.

And now I'm going to call a halt to my book purchases.  I have to!  Not because my credit card is crying but because I need to read them and do something with what I have learned from them.

What are your favourite books on creativity?

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  1. I have both the Jane Dunnewold books, theyvhavr do many good ideas and exercises.
    I am working my way through the Creative Strength Training at the moment, writing notes and doing the exercises. I have done the first four chapters so far. It is interesting to see what other artists have created when following the exercises. I try to do my own before turning to the artist pages. Though they do inspire you to take a different approach again, which is so inspiring.
    I need to see if I can do the next exercise before going on holiday...I might check out what I need and take supplies while away too.

    I was at a Kim Thittichai five day workshop in Redditch last year, so inspiring, she is a wonderful tutor.

    Thank you for posting about the other books, I might have to investigate, but like you, I feel I need to read and work through the ones I already have!! There once was a time I had read ( at least once) every book that I owned....that was sooo long ago!

    Good luck with your quest to finding your creative self, it seems there's a lot of us doing the same thing at the moment. It's good that we are talking about it more, the first step to actually doing something about it!

    Thank you again for posting these book recommendations xx


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