Monday 17 July 2017

20 days in North America: Washington State

Low cloud and monochrome seems to be a theme for this trip.  We set out on our 3 day road trip with a clouded view of the mountains we were aiming for.

We stopped off at the Gorge Falls and Lake.

An explanation of the colour of the lake

We continued along the North Cascades Highway.

Where the clouds lifted.

Or not, according to which direction you looked!

We stopped at the Washington Pass Overlook.

And drove down through the Pass.

On the other side of the mountains the ground was really dry.

We stopped in Winthrop for lunch.

We continued our journey through beautiful countryside.

Until we reached Leavenworth.  A 'Bavarian village' in the middle of nowhere.

Our hotel

 Next stop: Oregon and the Columbia Gorge

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