Sunday 9 July 2017

20 days in North America: Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

The weather was due to be better on our first day in Vancouver than our second, so we walked down through the city to get tickets for Grouse Mountain.

 An Inuksuk

More buildings with reflections - can you tell I like them!

We passed this amazing doorway and the doorman invited us in.

The door to the lift (sorry it's not as sharp as it could have been!)

We were allowed to go upstairs to look down on the lobby.

We bought our tickets for Grouse Mountain just in time for the next free shuttle bus.  However there was a lot of cloud covering the mountain top and we did wonder whether we had wasted our money in buying the full package to the very top.  This was described as the 'Ultimate Experience' which involved going to the top of the Eye of the Wind Turbine.

We took the cable car to the main tourist area.  Still couldn't see the top of the mountain!

There were some amazing carvings from trees.

We stopped to watch the end of the Lumberjack Show.

Including the stunt man doing handstands on top of a very high pole!

And this was still the view.

We decided to have lunch and on the way Roger took this

We were assured that the cloud would lift but this is how the Eye of the Wind looked.  We weren't going to get much of a view.

And then the cloud lifted so we took the chairlift up the mountain and walked to the Turbine.  This grouse was guarding the path and ran at people and tried to bite them.  He mostly went after the men!

The cloud had lifted and the turbine was in sight.

The views were spectacular but hazy especially through the glass.

On the way back down we saw the bears playing in the stream.  These are rescue bears who have grown up together and are part of a research programme.

Back down the mountain with Vancouver in the distance.

Back in the city centre we walked through the area known as Gas Town.

We stopped for a drink and I couldn't resist having this cocktail: Spooning Jesus

We walked through the city back to the hotel.

We were fascinated by the trees growing on the roof of this building.

The view from our hotel room

And the sunset

A fun packed day and still another one to tell you about next time.

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  1. Your pictures of buildings are just wonderful. I am fascinated by the reflected windows (in the windows of a building) are wiggly and almost like an abstract painting. The previous post showed the same unique wiggly structures in their windows. Thank you so much for posting your trip and wonderful pictures.


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