Tuesday 5 February 2013

D is for Decisions

If you want to join in with making an A to Z of Me Journal through the month of February click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Decisions.

The technique today is to print with bubble wrap.  I put 3 different colours of acrylic paint on large bubble bubblewrap and pressed it down onto the page.

Then I painted a thin wash of green acrylic paint.  It felt a bit 'green' so I put some yellow as well.

Then I printed with the small bubble bubblewrap using orange and pale turquoise. I also spread a bit of the turquoise on the page with my fingers.

It was still too green so I toned it down with a thin wash of pale yellow.

I used a Dylusions stencil for the trees on the left and used a acrylic paint.  I turned the stencil over and pressed it onto the right side of the page.  I stamped the tree at the bottom right and used the same stamp at the top of the page.  I randomly drew round the stenciled trees with a black pen.  I stuck the quote and the verse on and did my journaling.  Finally I stamped the word for the day and coloured it in.

I hope it won't be too difficult a decision today on how to make your page.

See you tomorrow.


  1. I love your page and bubble wrap is one of my favorite things to print with! I just finished B last night...need to take a photo of it...it is actually one of my most favorite pages ever! Thanks for the prompt and the inspiration. I am falling behind...but that is okay...I am still moving forward. ;)

  2. I like the way this turned into a landscape with a river and a tree reflected in the water.


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