Sunday 24 February 2013

W is for Words

If you want to join in with making an A to Z of Me Journal through the month of February click through to the Challenge blog.

Here on this blog I am going to share how I made the page for today's prompt on Words.

I made a big mistake with this so DON'T do exactly what I did!

I cut a piece of card from the back of a sketchpad and found some Thickers.  The green set was complete but the white ones had gaps where the letters had been used.  This is a great way to use up sets that have all the vowels missing!

However think before you start!  I covered the card with Matte Medium and then stuck the letters down.  I carried on sticking the letters down and left the glue to dry.

Have you spotted the mistake yet?

I sprayed the page with blue ink and water.

And did my closing the book trick again.

I sprayed pink and orange on and the colours mixed to produce other colours.  I sprayed water through a stencil to get the ghosting effect.

When the glue had dried I thought I would check to see if the Thickers would take the Archival Ink and stamped on a spare piece of paper.  It worked so I went ahead on my page.

Have you worked out what I did wrong yet?

I stamped with Archival ink on the page.

And then realised that lots of the letters were back to front.  So remember you have to stick the letters down the wrong way up so that they print the right way up!

It was too late so I just carried on.  I inked the verse and the quote and stuck them down over the stamped letters.  I stamped the word and coloured it in with a glaze pen.

I wrote my journaling on the page following the line of the ink blot.

I hope you do better with making your giant letter stamp than I did.

Thanks for popping by.



  1. I thought it was going be some other thing rather than the letters being back to front as the video had them back to front too which had really annoyed me.
    I don't have any thickers or many alphabet stickers for that matter but I do have the Tim holtz "Wordplay" die and funky foam so hopefully I will remember to stick all my letters down back to front for the stamp.

  2. i have always been told when crafting there are no mistakes, only happy accidents. personally i love the fact that your letters are the wrong way it is another brilliant page :)

  3. I like the mirror image letters.

  4. Agree with Louise - no mistakes just happy accidents!


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