Monday 3 March 2014

Identity: A Work in Progress

Today is my last post about my Identity art journal.  The final post on the Identity blog can be found here.

To complete my journal I stamped hearts on the flap and wrote the six key Identity themes as an I am statement.

Originally with the centre section of my journal I was going to make a pocket to put my notebook in.

However I realised that instead of making a cover for the notebook I could use the folded paper.

I opened out the cover and measured where the middle was along the fold and cut a short hole for a ribbon to go through.  I did this on the right and the left of the middle page.

I put the ribbon through and to make sure it stayed still I put some double sided tape behind it.

Then I sewed the first page in.  I tucked the page into the cover making sure it sat tightly and clipped the pages together.

I measured where I wanted the holes to stitch through.  I put one in the middle and then measured 1.5 inches and put a hole and then another at 3 inches from the middle on each side of the middle hole.  I pushed the needle through all the holes in the page I was sewing in and then put the cover back round and went through the holes again to put the holes in the cover.

I used embroidery thread to sew the page in.  I started in the middle hole from inside the book.  Then went through from the outside in on the next hole up and from the inside out for the top hole.  Then from outside in on the second hole down.  Take the thread past the middle hole and put the needle from the inside out through the hole below the middle and back in from the outside on the lowest hole.  Back out through the hole nearest the middle and back through the middle hole.  Tie the ends together.   This video shows you the sewing although this lady started from the outside.  You can choose whether you start inside or out - just start with the middle hole!

To fix the notebook into the journal I put strips of double sided tape.  I took the tape off the back, covered the back with glue from a gluestick including over the tape and stuck it into the folded page.

Then I did the same with the front of the notebook.

 I put strips of double sided tape on to the back of the folded page with the notebook stuck inside.  Again I took the tape off, covered the back with glue from a gluestick including over the tape and stuck it into the cover of the journal.

Here is the journal closed up with the ribbon around it.

Here is a video of my completed journal.

Thank you so much for following along with my study of Identity.


  1. I have really enjoyed this study and being able to view your corresponding journal. I read along with each lesson but will come back and do the study after I'm finished with my current one. I will also do an art journal for the study. I'm new to art journaling and have been playing around with different materials and techniques in order to find my 'voice', my goal being to incorporate art into my bible studies, prayer times, etc., rather than just making art for the sake of art - I want it to have a deeper meaning. This plays into my 'one little word' for 2014, which is 'intention'. Thanks again and I am looking forward to the study in August. Many blessings to you.

  2. Bernice,
    I LOVE how you presented your Identity Journal! YOU inspire me!!!

  3. I love how you've included your 'notebook' within the art journal. Just fab

  4. That is soo cool. I love how you did that. It maybe something I think about once I am done with the study of Pause Ponder and Prepare, depending on how many days I want to translate into art.


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