Monday 17 March 2014


I haven't played in my journal for a while - just for the joy of playing.  It has usually been for a class or a project I'm hosting.   But in Saturday I saw this blog post by Linda Cain and thought I would have a go.

I started by cutting the pages and then spraying them with Dylusions inks. Then I used stencils and White Linen ink or just water.

I didn't like what I had done on two of the pages so I pulled them out and inked the next pages.  Then I started putting patterns using stencils and stamps

There's still lots of colour and doodles to go.

I cut up one of the pages I had pulled out and stuck it in my Documented Life Planner for this week's challenge which was to cut up a magazine and add it.  I used punches to cut up butterflies which I stuck to my background.  This may have extra doodles added at some point.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the wavy edges in your journal Bernice - did you use a stencil of some sort or are they cut freehand??

    1. GIll I used the Dylusions Journal Block

      You could draw the first one freehand, cut it out and then use it as the template for the second page

  2. Oh Bernice I love these beautifully painted and cut pages!

  3. Oh goodness....I absolutely LOVE your journal pages! So very inspiring!

  4. Love your pages, very fresh and beautiful. The colors are comforting :)

  5. GORGEOUS! The colors grabbed me and I couldn't look away. What a fun day of playing you must have had.


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