Saturday 29 March 2014

Journal Quilt for March

I wrote about my journal quilts for January and February last month.

The theme for this month's landscape was line.  First we were asked to make marks with different types of implements and then using our source material make a collage using torn up magazines.  To be honest none of this appealed to me and so I have left it all right to the last minute.

I don't have very much fabric but I did buy the one on the left and the middle one when I was at The Bramble Patch.   For the last two journal quilts it was suggested that we use rusted material and I tried to master the technique but was totally unsuccessful.  However a friend gave me some rusted fabric (thanks Annie) shown here on the right.

I dyed the three fabric with a green dye and it is actually darker than this photo shows.

I also dyed some of the fabric that I had previously painted and dyed at the Make It Personal class.  I tore the fabrics into strips and laid them on top of the cotton fabric and wadding.

I ironed a piece of bondaweb on and then ironed the fabric strips on although that wasn't totally successful.  So I added some pins.

I machined the whole thing.

It probably needs some hand stitching and it does need a focal point but I will come back to it later in the year.  Sometimes you have to walk away from something for a while!   I still haven't decided how to edge the quilts so have left it rough at the moment.

This is what it would look like if I trimmed the edges.  Each quilt is A4 (letter) size.

Here's the quilt with the collage on the right.

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  1. Interesting pieces. Thanks for sharing. Esther

  2. A great way to work. I love the fabrics and how they altered and unified once dyed together

  3. Looks fabulous. Love seeing he whole process.


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