Tuesday 25 March 2014

Make your Mark

I signed up for an online class called Make YOUR Mark taught by Robin Mead.  I have taken my usual approach and watched bits of the videos, looked at the photos and ignored everything else.  Sorry Robin.

This week's challenge on DLP was to have someone draw in your book and then for you to finish the page.  There's no way someone else was going to draw in my book!  When I was a teacher if I was away on a course the work I left for the pupils was always to be done on paper because I couldn't bear for another teacher to write in MY pupils' books.

So I stamped a Dyan Reaveley stamp instead.  I worked on the theory that it was still someone else's drawing and even then I managed not to stamp the first image correctly!

I drew all the lines in pencil and then went over the lines with a thin black pen.  I rubbed out the pencil lines.

I went back over some of the lines with a thicker pen and doodled in other parts with the thin pen.

I used a water brush and my Neocolor II water soluble crayons to paint the page.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow. Love, love, love it. We Think alike. I didn't like the idea of anyone drawing in mine either. But it was the same thing and got the job done. I'm very impressed. Love the colors and line scheme.

  2. That's wonderful! What a great idea. It works for people who don't have anyone around to write in their books. And, I must admit, *I* don't particularly want someone else writing in my book, either! My husband isn't crazy about the idea. He doesn't want to wreck my book. So I might follow your lead. We'll have to see what the week brings!

  3. Wow! I just love it. You always make great pages Bernice.

  4. love this idea too :) as usual your page is lovely :) <3

  5. Wow...love how you describe this..so awesome...what a great idea..and I loove your creation...!! Thanks so much for sharing this..!!!


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