Monday 24 March 2014

Make It Personal Session 2 Day 1

So yesterday I showed you the gelli printing.  On the first day we did rubbings with wax oil crayons (Neocolor 1) which acted as a resist to the fabric dye.

I used 2 string stamps and a texture plate I made previously.  I also made a rubbing plate with appliglue.

After taking the rubbings the fabric and papers were dyed using fabric dyes.
 The fabric with just the rubbing

And with the dye.  On the fabric I used dye mixed with Manutex but on the paper it was just the dye powder mixed with water.

Other papers

On brown paper

 On repair tissue and dyed.

As we work we have a heavy duty paper tablecloth underneath and this is what I ended up with.

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  1. Hi Bernice ... Suitably jealous .... Wish I could have had a space on that workshop ... When you say 'dye' after using wax crayons .... Do you mean dye or print paste .... Your work is gorgeous

  2. Also when you say wax oil crayons - as in Markal

    1. I used Neocolor 1 but you could use Markal - they take longer to dry

  3. I have updated the post in light of the questions.

  4. Thanks for doing that - it really helped.


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