Saturday 2 April 2016

A Facebook Challenge

On Facebook on Good Friday, Hilary Beattie and Norah Stocker challenged some of us to make a piece of art or textile within 2 weeks and it was to be loosely Easter based.  The only rule was that it had to be bigger than A3.

I found a pre-gessoed canvas square.  I started by following the instructions from Dina's class at Art from the Heart.

It was going fairly well until I added the crown of thorns and the tomb.

They were too dominant and heavy and I really didn't like them so I painted over them.

Then I added more stamping.

And more stencilling.

And drippage. 

By this time I had no idea where it was going and then I saw some lovely work in a group on Facebook by Frieda Oxenham.  Painting out some of the background was such an obvious thing to do.  And Frieda graciously allowed me to copy her idea.

I added some turquoise and blue paint around the edge of the canvas.  And drew black lines around the squares.

When I've learned how to use my new-to-me sewing machine I may stitch on it but for now it's finished.

It's also very tempting to consider cutting it up and using it for covers for art journals!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love this Bernice! It is so good seeing the process and how you overcame the areas that you thought were too dominate. It ios now bright and cheerful and the idea of blocking out the background and leaving some areas is so effective. It reminds me of a painting a friend dod recently. She used the same technique and it looked so clever. I thought she had added collage onto the background, a more simple and useful technique by far!


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