Friday 29 April 2016

Last days in Florida

I hope you are enjoying my photos of Florida.  May of my friends, particularly the American ones, enjoy my photos of our walks in the UK, so I am hoping that my British readers are enjoying seeing photos of a different side of Florida from the Park attractions.

My last post got me to about half way through the holiday.  By this time I have only two and a half days left in Florida.

I had all day Thursday to myself  so arranged to see a Facebook friend at the 905 Cafe in Historic Downtown Melbourne before taking myself off to Melbourne Beach.

This bird was waiting for the fishermen on the pier to catch fish and then give one or two to him.

The pelicans were also waiting for fish to pass by.

When I got down to the beach there were a couple of guys fishing with rods and lines and this heron was waiting for them to catch his lunch!

One of the things I love on Melbourne beach is the little birds who run in and out of the water.  Sadly this is the only one that was there that day.

The view along the beach.

I went for lunch at a beachside bar called Bikinis and this was the view from my table.

After lunch I went to Turkey Creek - a favourite place to walk.

The turtles were sunning themselves.

Kenny, Betsy & I went out to breakfast at my other favourite eatery - Captain Hiram's in Sebastian.

The pelicans were fishing for breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to McKee Botanical Garden in Vero.



In the evening we went to the cinema to see God's Not Dead 2.  It was very good.

My last day!  And Betsy kindly cooked me my favourite breakfast: Plantain, Scrambled eggs and Arepas.

I drove to Orlando Airport, returned the hire car and took a flight to Detroit where Mary and her husband met me in the baggage claim hall.  My next post will be all about Ohio.  And yes I know Detroit isn't in Ohio.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I enjoyed your Florida pictures, too. I need to go to McKee. Haven't been since 2md grade. Thanks, Esther


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