Saturday 23 April 2016

On the road again!

I have just got back from my annual visit to Florida. I visit my daughter-in-law's parents at this time of the year to attend a women's getaway and to have some R&R. This year I also spent a few days in Ohio visiting my friend Mary.

I like to travel to Orlando from my local airport, Birmingham, via Dublin where it is possible to go through Homeland Security and then arrive in Orlando as a domestic passenger. Interestingly in Dublin airport I couldn't buy a bacon sandwich but I could order a portion of bacon and two slices of toast. So I asked them not to toast the toast and voila I made myself a bacon sandwich.

On my first day I spent some time resting and taking photos of Kenny & Betsy's garden for a project later in the year. This is the mango tree in flower. Then I went shopping.  Michaels and JoAnn's of course.

During the afternoon Betsy & I went to get our nails done.

On Thursday I went to a hairdresser recommended by several friends. Here you can see the before and after. I was expecting it to be more radical.  Plus to be honest the after photo doesn't do it justice.

On Friday I made my way to Cocoa Beach where the getaway was based at the Hilton Hotel.  I had time before it started to walk along the beach. It was a very hot day and I foolishly did not take any water with me.  I thought I might be able to get a better photo of the rocket being launched from Cape Canaveral if I got closer to the pier.  Wrong! Plus it turned out to be 2.5 miles - each way! I was exhausted by the time I got back to the hotel.

And the photos - well I'll leave you to be the judge!  They certainly wouldn't win any prizes.

The getaway called Rejuvenate took place with a guest speaker on Friday evening and Saturday morning and ended with a fashion show after lunch.

I stayed an extra night at the hotel and went for a much more sensible walk through the park next to the hotel and back along the beach.

In the evening I went with friends to a Japanese restaurant where the chef cooks your dinner in front of you.  The chef was quite an actor!

The next morning I got up early - well early-ish!  It was about 6.50am to watch the sunrise.

The pelicans came to share the view.

After I checked out I went to the Waffle House to get breakfast.  However everyone else in Cocoa Beach had the same idea so there were no available tables and quite a queue.  I decided to drive back towards Palm Bay and hopefully find somewhere for breakfast.

And I did - at one of my favourite places.  Squid Lips in Eau Gallie.

And here are my pancakes.

After this I drove to church and then went to Kenny & Betsy's for a quiet afternoon.  Lovely.

Next time I'll tell you all about my second week which includes more shopping, eating and a visit to the zoo.

Thanks for stopping by.

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