Friday 8 April 2016

April Sketchbook Challenge

You may remember that in February I took part in a Sketchbook challenge.  The group were challenged again for April.

Steph Redfern kindly gave me this sketchbook.

It's made up of lots of different types and sizes of paper.

I decided I would only use my Inktense pencils in it.

The theme for this month is Renewal and I decided to use the NEW of reNEWal and make my own colouring book using stencils that are new to me.   I also decided that I would investigate colour theory in the colouring.

Day 1
For this page I used all the yellow and orange Inktense pencils and parts of four different stencils.

Day 2
I used the same crayons and two fo the stencils from day 1.

I added water to the colours and it makes quite a difference.

Day 3
This page has reds and oranges and only one stencil.

I used a wet brush on the Inktense pencils and covere the pencil lines with a red pen.

I am using the colours in the order that Inktense have them rather than the colour wheel.  However they are still analogous colours on the colour wheel.  Later in the month I will use the colour wheel to order the colours I'm using.

Day 4
I used only 7 Inktense pencils on this one with only one stencil.  Some of the pencils I own are very close in colour to each other.  These are shades of red moving into the purples.  And behind you can part of the day 2 page.

I'll give you an update on the sktechbook later in the month.

For now, thanks for stopping by.

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