Saturday, 13 July 2013

Alcohol Dripping

And no I don't mean vodka or red wine!

This technique uses Rubbing Alcohol which is Surgical Spirit in the UK.   This is the technique Challenge for July on 12 Months in View.

I watched the videos and then tried out both media.  I'll start with the spray inks and the alcohol.

Firstly I cover a piece of paper with gesso and then sprayed the inks.  I tried 2 colours of Dylusions and one of Colorwash.   I was disappointed with the results but wondered if it was the quality of gesso I used.

I tried using a better quality gesso.

Not a lot of difference.  In fact the inks reacted with the gesso on their own.

The first page eventually looked like this
and I'm pretty sure I could have got the same look using water rather than surgical spirit!

With the acrylic paints I started with Golden paints but because I have deliberately chosen the most transparent colours the technique didn't work so I used the Ranger Dabbers.  I still didn't get quite the result the guy gets on the video so I suspect it would be better to use Artist Acrylics rather than dabbers!

I painted the paper orange and when that was dry put the green over it and dripped the surgical spirit onto it with a pipette.

When this was dry I add the next colour and repeated the actions several times.

I wasn't enthralled by this so I thought I would try a different colour combination.

So I left all these papers overnight to see what I thought of them and whether I liked them any better.

Well, not really.  However I continued by adding some black and some white acrylic paint.

I took the one on the left and cut it down to fit in my journal.  I randomly stamped on the page with two Dylusions background stamps and then scraped modelling paste through the matching stencils.

I'm much happier with it now and I may come back and write on it, but for now I'm going to stick it my journal as a technique sample.

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  1. Oh Bernice they are fabulous, I've been playing with gesso and spray inks yesterday and love the effects - all of yours are great!

  2. I LOVE these and your description of your thought processes throughout. Lots of fun, and lots of learning! thank you.


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