Wednesday 3 July 2013

My daughter-in-law's sister's mother-in-law

Or to put it another way - my son's wife's sister's husband's mother!

Or another way - my friend, Elaine.

I've been away for a few days in Yorkshire and the north west of England, mostly to do classes at Art from the Heart - photos of this another day.

In between I went to stay in Toronto with Elaine.   And that's another story!  I sent a parcel to Elaine and the lady in the Post Office made me remove the name Toronto from the address in case Royal Mail sent it to Canada!

On Monday we went for a lovely walk along the river at Barnard Castle.



Fancy that! A photo of me!

And the shop belonging to David Harper who I watch on Bargain Hunt.

And finally the view from Elaine's front door.


  1. Lovely pictures- brought back memories of a Yorkshire holiday and visit to B. Castle when our girls were young.
    I love Bargain Hunt too- did you actually SEE David Harper? What fun to find DH's shop.

    Great post [loved the Toronto thing!!]

    blessings xx

  2. Oh they are fabulous photos! Do I assume the ruin is Barnard Castle? Loving your friends view - I'm not envious I'm not...

  3. No it was a ruined Abbey that I can't remember the name of!


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