Friday 19 July 2013

Rocking Your World

I've just realised it's Friday!

And on Friday there is the meme on Celtic House called Rocking Your World which is
'the moment to step back and take stock of your week, to work out the positives, the things that have made life more bearable and to celebrate these facts. Pop a post together, come back and link each Friday and let's share our positives around. It's a great therapy and stops life slipping through our fingers or spending too much time dwelling on the negatives. Not sure if it's for you - give it a go - you'll never know until you try!'

And I've realised I haven't posted a Rocking Your World since the end of June.  I was away on the first Friday of July but have no idea why I was MIA last Friday - could have been the heat!

Talking of which - I don't do well in 28C (82F) - I'm okay at about 22C!  Still I am pleased to say that I am surviving the heat - just!

Find out about Scorchio here.

Despite the heat I'm pleased to say that I have managed to do 25 minutes of exercise each day - usually before 9.30am to try to beat the heat.  I use a Rosemary Conley Salsacise DVD.

And I'm equally pleased to report that I've lost another pound in weight this week.  That makes 5 pounds in 7 weeks.

And reflecting on the last 3 weeks, I was really pleased to be able to meet up with my friends from college.  We left college in 1970 and only meet up once in a while but it's the sort of friendship where the conversation starts from wherever we left off last time we met.  We went for a walk in the Yorkshire Dales and it rained for the first 3 hours but it didn't dampen our spirits or the amount of chatting we did!

Roger & I walked the next day on our own with blue skies!

More reflections next Friday.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lovely to have the Dale's on hand to walk on. Friendships like that are such a blessing. have another good week. Kate x

  2. Oh Bernice how good are you to still be exercising, I need to take a leaf out of your book 5lbs - is awesome - I think I've got that DVD somewhere might drag it out! Loving your blue skies picture and the fact you caught up with a college friend - I know the kind of person you mean - you just fall back into conversation so easily! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!

  3. Scorchio indeed LOL. Yes 22-24 is about right for me, too. :o) Congratualtions on your 5lb loss. Happy Friday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@5)

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss. I am far too hot and don't do well in this temperature either. Love the photos of Yorkshire. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#6)

  5. oh that walk looks amazing.... just my kind of route! hope next week rocks, jenx


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