Monday 8 July 2013

My Art Holiday or It's all in the process!

I have just got back from a few days away which included several days at Art from the Heart with the delicious Dyan.

I attended 3 different workshops over 4 days and an evening.

Actually I hadn't intended it to be like that. I booked the Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday workshop which was in June. Then I booked the two one day workshops in July. And it was only when I put them on the calendar I found they were one day apart.

Never mind, I had a great time.

The weekend workshop was Handmade Books and Journals and over the time we made 3 different books.

The tall slim one has plain paper in it.  The orange one has some painted papers in it.

And the small one has the most painted papers and we stitched on the pages with a sewing machine.

None of these books are remotely finished, but the process was great!

On the Tuesday I attended the Writing in Your Journal workshop.  My pages ended up rather green - must remember to let the yellow dry before I add the turquoise!

And we learned about threading a tag through a page.  I've yet to write on the tag!

And on to my last day.  A workshop called Mixed Media Mayhem and it certainly lived up to its title.  Yet again this is not finished.  But we did to a surprising amount in four and a half hours.

The rest of the photos are the pages as they are now.  When (if) I finish them I'll post again.

Lots of lovely and some not-so-lovely backgrounds to play with.  When I reassemble the book it might not be in this order - who knows!?!

Well done if you've read all the way to here.


  1. I am little worried about you eating Dyan!

    You've done a lot more to your pages then I have - but then I have had the fun of playing with a pressure washer - sadly the art we made was them washed away.

    1. LOL. Apart from the cutting out I haven't done anything to the pages since we left last Wednesday.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pages, Bernice! I'm planning a blogpost from the weekend at AFTH too, I just need some extra hours.. :)
    I absolutely love the mixed media pages you made!!

    Maybe we'll meet again next summer!
    Siv xx

  3. Beautiful background pages, Bernice!

  4. Oh they are fantastic Bernice - you look like you had a fabulous time!

  5. Bernice these are all amazing, really lovely and creative, looks like you had heaps of fun. Michelle x

  6. I really like your pages you have done a wonderful job.. I love that triangular shaped stamp it has lovely design will have to look for that one..
    Sandy :)

  7. Your great pictures make me even more determined to book a set of courses over a few days. Make it worthwhile travelling from Bristol to Harrogate. EmG

  8. Wow these are all gorgeous. What a fabulous few days you had :)

  9. Awesome project Bernice. Looks like your next 2 days were another success! I know it was fun. It was great to meet you and all the ladies.

  10. Everything looks fabulous, I'm gutted I wasn't able to attend those classes too!

  11. Your pages are so interesting! I like your colors and the "textures" of the backgrounds. It looks like you had a lot of fun!


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