Tuesday 24 November 2015

A canalside walk

Roger suggested that we walk from Lapworth to Lowsonford alongside the Startford Canal and back.  There's a great place to eat in Lowsonford called the Fleur de Lys.  Always keen to eat out rather than have to cook I readily agreed.

We have walked this route a couple of times before but this time it was different.  The Canal and River Trust use the winter months to repair the canal system.  It is the Stratford Canal's turn and that meant that parts of it had been drained.

The other side of the lock in the above photo.

The next lock which apparently is having a new lock gate.  They are replaced every 25 years.

The Fleur de Lys on the other side of the canal

And an Anthony Gormley sculpture - another reason why I readily agreed to the walk.

I hadn't read about it properly before we went so I was surprised by the size of it.  I was expecting a much taller sculpture not a life size man.

The barrel-roofed lock-keepers cottages built along the Stratford canal are the only ones of their kind.

Across the bridge to the pub and a lovely lunch

before walking back to the car the same way we came.

A quirky garden shed/playhouse by the canal

The repairs from the other angle.

Not the prettiest walk but very interesting.

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  1. How interesting, I think the work on the canal added to the walk. I have only seen them empty of water on an abandoned stretch but that was so overgrown you couldn't get a proper perspective. I really enjoyed seeing these photos as someone who loves canal walks and meals in waterside pubs. It's good to hear that there is ongoing maintenance too.

  2. I saw a lock like that on Rosemary and Thyme, one of my favorite British mystery series.

    Thank you for sharing on your blog! I think I read every one!


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