Sunday 8 November 2015

From the land down under

Welcome to day 8 of my blogging challenge and the third post about my trip to Australia.  I was planning there would only be 3 but there's so much to share with you that there will definitely be another travelogue post about the Blue Mountains. 

On the Sunday after we returned to Sydney from Tasmania, we walked down to King's Cross where my all time favourite fountain sits in the middle of a small square.  Apparently it was the first ever dandelion fountain.  It's was built as a war memorial to commemorate the Battle of El Alamein.  It's different every time you see it depending on the light.

I took this photo the previous week on my phone.

Andy suggested we went for a walk.  We drove to Maroubra and took a bus to Coogee.  The five us walked back to Maroubra and had a late lunch.  Obviously the baby didn't walk - he was carried!

We spent Monday morning with the family and then whilst Andy worked, Roger & I walked into the city centre via the Botanical Gardens.

We were watching a dolphin play in the harbour when these two massive cruise liners left Sydney.

We walked around to Circular Quay and up into the CDB and eventually found what I was looking for.  Angel Place and these bird cages.

We met up with Andy & Naomi later to go to the Street Food Market that was being held in Hyde Park.

Roger & I got up very early on Tuesday to go to the fishmarket.  We got there at 8am but sadly the auction was over which was what Roger had wanted to see.  We walked round the retail fish shops and I took lots of photos of the amazing arrangements of the fish.

We walked a long way back into the city and I was very taken with this on a building site fencing.

We walked through the new park that has been built at Headland Point which gave us this view of the bridge.  I'm going to share the photos of the park in a separate blog post because there was the most amazing pieces of sandstone.

It looked like the weather was going to deteriorate so we got on the ferry to Parramatta where we had lunch.  And it didn't rain.  I rather liked these tools as a scultpure on a roof.

When we got back to Circular Quay we met up with Beth who I have known on Facebook for a while.  I love her photographs and it was great to meet up with an online friend.

On Wednesday after breakfast with Andy & Naomi at a cafe gloriously called The Rusty Rabbit, Roger & I went to the Museum of Sydney.

We took a ferry to Watson's Bay.  You may have noticed the mention of ferries quite often in our travels in Sydney.   They are such a great way to travel.  It's like going on a mini harbour cruise.

We walked round the headland to the lighthouse and back for a seafood lunch.

A different view of the Opera House from the ferry.

We went to the Pylon Lookout on the Harbour Bridge which gave us some different views of the bridge.

And of Circular Quay.

This has been a long post so I will stop now.  We spent the next three days in the Blue Mountains which I will tell you about another day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Some lovely photos there Bernice I especially liked the fish and bird cages. What an amazing time you had in Australia!


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