Thursday 12 November 2015

The blue Blue Mountains

The title I've chosen for this blog post makes me want to burst out into song.  Which is daft because the song is about another country entirely.  Nothing daunted - here it is: Blue Ridge Mountains.

Now that's stuck in your head lets return to my Australian trip.

The five of us went off to the Blue Mountains for 2 nights.  Andy delighted in taking Roger and I on long, strenuous walks.  The first one was on a really hot day so I was worn out by the time we got to the end and almost didn't make it up the final climb.  However the views were great.

Going down always meant the prospect of having to go back up!

A waterfall

Another waterfall

The long climb back up

The view at the top

And the spectacular sunset.

The next day the 5 of us went to the Jenolean Caves.  They were spectacular,  We went on two guided tours.  The first had over 900 steps and the second had over 400.   It's a good thing that what we saw was so great that I could ignore the pain in my knees.



And this little man?  He slept through all of the first tour, woke up for lunch and then went back to sleep for the second tour.

The next day was another of Andy's long walks.  He said it was mostly flat.  That's a bit like the 'mostly dead' comment in The Princess Bride.  It wasn't mostly flat - it was another of the up and down ones.

And lots more steps at the end of the walk.

We had another day and a half in Sydney before we came home. On the Sunday Roger & I went to Cockatoo Island and on Monday the 5 of us went out to lunch and stopped off to look at this beach.  Looks like somewhere we need to explore next time we're in Australia.

I hope you have enjoyed your armchair travelling with me.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This looks breath taking Bernice! So many steps - well done you! I can imagine how tiring they were because we did quite a few steps on our trip to Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay, but nothing in comparison to what you encountered. And same said for our views! lol
    What wonderful memories you have and lots of photos to look back and enjoy. It's important to do things now and grab opportunities as they come.

  2. you are a great mother and grandmother! I couldn't do all the steps. Such beautiful country, makes me want to go there sometime! thanks for sharing~


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