Monday 9 November 2015

Who has influenced my mixed media art?

Over the last few years I have attended lots of workshops and signed up for so may online classes that I've lost count.   I thought I would share with you some of the shops and people who have helped me and taught me over that time.

Art from the Heart is an excellent bricks & mortar shop with a very stong online presence.  I have attended many workshops there.   My credit card groans whenever I go to Harrogate to a class.  I'm going there next weekend for 3 days of workshops with Seth Apter.

Dyan Reaveley is now well known as a Ranger Signature Designer.  However I met her first at Art from the Heart when I went to my first ever workshop there.   She has a distinctive style.  I interviewed her for my series on Celebrating UK Artists.   You can watch her videos on the Ranger YouTube Channel.

Dina Wakely has been a guest tutor at Art from the Heart and I have loved the workshops I've attended.   Several of the classes have involved making books which I love.  She also introduced me to the idea of having white space on mixed media pages.  This really appeals to me.   You can also find Dina on the Ranger YouTube Channel.

Artist Trading Post started as an online business with workshop space and then moved to a b&m shop and has now returned to its online roots.  I love the variety of products that Jamie stocks.  My credit card used to groan when I visited for workshops there too.

Wanderlust is a new year long venture from Jamie and Kasia Krzyminska (aka czekoczyna).  There will be videos& PDFs on techniques but the thing that got me interested is that "Wanderlust will give you an in-depth knowledge about products, media and tools".  Of course I signed up - won't you join me?

Anneliese Bates introduced me to various mixed media techniques.  She held these workshops in Derbyshire which was great for me because it was so much nearer to my house than Harrogate.  I love Anneliese's style and enjoyed her workshops immensely.  I was really disappointed when she gave up hosting them but I am thrilled that her new venture Fox & Bear is doing so well.

Michelle Ward produces amazing stencils both for StencilGirl and for her own website Green Pepper Press.  I have just invested in a whole lot of her stencils for my Venice project.

Carolyn Dube produces the best teaching videos on the internet (in my opinion).  She is so generous with what she shares for free on her blog and YouTube channel.  She also has fee-based classes that are such value for money.  I particularly liked the Stencil Play class.  You really should check them out if you like mixed media art.

And last but definitely not least, Valerie Sjodin.  Her art blows me away.  Valerie is another tutor who is very generous with the skills and information she shares.  I love her online classes but sadly don't give enough time to practice so my art hardly ever looks like hers.

I've really enjoyed looking back to see what and who has influenced me over the years.  What are your favourite shops, favourite artists or online courses?  Please share them in the comments below.
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  1. Looking forward to seeing you soon Bernice. We are going to have a lot of creative fun!

  2. What a great post Bernice. It's good to get personal experience and recommendations. I have done a workshop with Dyan Reaveley and met Dina Wakely at Ally Pally some years ago. Enjoy your weekend with Seth Apter and I'll be seeing you on Wanderlust!! Looking forward to it :)

    I've not heard of Valerie Sjodin so I'll go check her out.

  3. Thanks Bernice! You have made my day with your kind words!

  4. Thanks for sharing how you get so much inspiration. I love that heart shaped verse.


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