Saturday 24 August 2013

Art challenge

On 12 Months in View today's Art Challenge is to use one of the techniques used over the last 6 months.  I thought I would have a go with the alcohol dripping technique again.

Of course it might have helped if I'd gone back to watch the video.  But no I just started.  I put gesso on the page and then a layer of acrylic paint.

I dropped the Surgical Spirit on it and it didn't have much effect.  I tried putting another colour on top and tried again and that didn't work.  I realised that the paint was too thick so I used the bleachout technique - using a wet wipe through a stencil which is what produced the mosaic look.

By this time it looked muddy so I sprayed some White Linen Ink on it.  That didn't make it look any better.

As I was working in my journal rather than on paper I had to stick with it.  Although I suppose I could have put gesso over the whole thing and started again.  Instead of using the Amsterdam paints I moved on to using the Ranger Dabbers and diluting the paint rather more. This was more successful.

I'm not sure what colour I put on after the pink but this was the final colour.  I drew the swirls and leaves with a Stabilo pencil.  I put some modelling paste through the mosaic stencil and stamped randomly with Archival Ink.

I went over the pencil with a water brush.  I stuck some map flowers onto the 'stem'.

I added some writing.

It still didn't look finished so I added the quote from the challenge.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Layers solve everything, don't they!
    What a lovely page.

  2. I love seeing how you've worked though the layers from something rather 'meh' to something that looks fantastic.

  3. very exciting to see the progress of your pages
    and giggling at someone else that doesn't follow directions exactly...
    I tend to just dive in also
    you certainly got great results
    Love everything about your colorful and textured page
    including that inspiring quote!


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