Friday 30 August 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

It's Friday and on Friday there is the meme on Celtic House called Rocking Your World which is
'the moment to step back and take stock of your week, to work out the positives, the things that have made life more bearable and to celebrate these facts. Pop a post together, come back and link each Friday and let's share our positives around. It's a great therapy and stops life slipping through our fingers or spending too much time dwelling on the negatives. Not sure if it's for you - give it a go - you'll never know until you try!'

So this week
We almost finished clearing my Dad's house.  I took this photo of the sunset whilst we were there.  Although to be honest it wasn't quite this spectacular - when I zoomed the lens the camera interpreted the scene like this.

We met with the lady who is buying my Dad's house and really liked her and her sister and her brother-in-law.  I think they will really enjoy looking after the garden.

We had a reasonable journey to Pembrokeshire on Friday and back on Tuesday despite the Bank Holiday.

On Thursday I did a workshop taught by Tim Holtz which was great.

When I got back from the workshop I was able to Skype with Andy and Naomi.

And last Friday my birthday present arrived from them.

I've read the first 3 chapters.  I need to read chapter 3 again before I move on to chapter 4.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. A beautiful gift, a great class and a beautiful photo. Enjoy your week ahead :)

  2. That is one beautiful sunset. They say the camera cannot lie, and it doesn't really, though it does enhance a scene slightly sometimes! I bet that workshop was good fun. And a beautiful gift too. A very positive week! Kate x

  3. Wow - now THAT is a week full of positives :) The pictures from your Tim Holtz day are fab and that book looks gorgeous - as does the sunset.

    Have a great week Bernice.

  4. Oh what a beautiful sunset - absolutely gorgeous. Loving the Tim Holtz book you did and that you are enjoying your birthday present.

    Sending you hugs


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