Friday 2 August 2013

Getting Dylusional

Last night my order arrived from Art From the Heart with the new Dylusions Ink Spray Pads and the new small art journal.  I had ordered them because I had watched these videos.

And here is what I have experimented with today.

I used Lemon Zest, Calypso Teal and Fresh Lime on this pad.

I followed Dyan's instructions and produced these.

I made up another ink pad with Bubblegum Pink, Cherry Pie and Crushed Grape.

I used one of Dina's stencils for this page on the right and cleaned the stencil onto the left hand page.

After lunch I went back to the first colours.  I tore some pages out of the new journal and on this first one I put bubblewrap onto the ink pad and then pressed it to the paper.

I tired different stamps directly into the journal.

With this page I pressed the stamp into the ink pad and then took an imprint off the pad with a piece of acetate and then pressed it onto the page  which gave less of an edge.  I took repeated imprints to put the edges round the page.

I used the alphabet stamp onto a page in the way Dyan did on the video.

I pressed the book onto the ink pad at the top and pressed the ink pad onto the page at the bottom.

For a first try I'm quite pleased with the results.  I think I need to keep practising though.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love what you've done. I've never tried the inks but the results are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Bernice
    wow you have done some fantastic work on your pages and tags with you new create your own ink pads, what a great idea they are

  3. Very interesting results! Love your colors!

  4. Gorgeous. I wonder if this would work with the Tim Holtz blank pads I have? I don't see why not. Will give it a try soon.


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