Monday 12 August 2013

What if?

What if
I went back to move forward?

What if
I looked at getting involved in textiles again?

What if
I stopped thinking so much and got on with it?

What if
I stopped asking what if and told you what I was talking about!!!

I told you in this post that I spent 2 days with Hilary Beattie working with fabric and paper.  I have had so many ideas flitting about my brain since then that I'm quite worn out.  Although random other things have also had an influence.

When I got back from the workshop with my 4 inch squares
I realised that I've been there before.

Not with this actual design but with the idea of small bejewelled bits.   Actually bejewelled is totally the wrong word but I can't think of a description at the moment.

Many years ago I did a Summer Workshop with the Pembrokeshire Embroiderer's Guild with Hilary Bower as the tutor.  I ended up with this which hangs on our lounge wall.  The map itself is 18 inches by 15 inches.
It's a fabric 'map' and each of the six images represent some part of the Old Testament.  For example the spiral is about the Israelites going round and round for 40 years in the desert.  Each of the images I would describe as the bejewelled bits - and yes I know there's no bling!

I did another workshop at the NEC some years ago with Erika Carter and one of the finished pieces was this 8.5 inch square.

Yet again small bits of fabric, paper, text and texture.  I think I was possibly going to put beads on this but once I'd left the workshop I got on with other things.

Since then I've dabbled in all sorts of other arty things including scrapbooking and art journalling.  And of course I love to make mini-books.

So what do I mean by going back to move forward?  I'm thinking about returning to using fabric and paper in mixed media somethings.  Although I have no idea what the somethings are!  I did a four year (part time) creative embroidery course and a couple of years afterwards just stopped.  And I love taking photos so maybe I can incorporate those as well.

So maybe now is the time to pick these things back up again.   Watch this space to see what happens!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love the 2 pieces you shared! May you achieve all you seek. Fabric and paper and photography sounds intriguing!

  2. Well the pieces you've shared are gorgeous and amazing and if you roots are calling you - then you should let your creativity take you down a new/old path to see what is at the end - can't wait to see what you create!


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