Thursday 29 August 2013

Wow! What an amazing time

and what amazing generosity.

This morning I went with Nicky and Morag to a workshop hosted by Personal Impressions and taught by Tim Holtz.

We all had a kit each with everything we needed to make a tag book.  These are my manila tags with the first layer of the background using Distress Stains.

These are the backs of them after stencilling with Tim's new stencils.

The front and backs of inked and stencilled Kraft tags.

And the front of the manila tags as far as I got during the session.

And then it was prezzie time.  We were all given a bag, a signed copy of Tim's book, a Ranger apron (actually we had that at the start) and a scrubbie.

And all of the kit we had been working with.

And just to prove that I was there!  Me!

There was a shop there and I was very restrained.  I only bought some Multi-Medium and some tissue tape.

Although I did come home and order all the stencils from Art from the Heart!  Oops!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ha ha ha Bernice! I laughed at the restrained bit.... and then you came home and ordered some goodies :) Love the look of the tags :) x

  2. Looks fantastic. Wish I could have gone - but hey, next time.

  3. Looks like MY tags, we seem to have used EXACTLY the same 5 stamps on them - how amazing is that! Hopefully will blog my adventures tomorrow. BJ

  4. I was there too ... but in the afternoon. What an amazing experience and I agree, he is such a generous guy, not just with the fab prezzies but with his time and creativity. Can't wait until he's back here again :)

  5. Het Bernice I can see you were by the window but not the front table too as that was where I was in the afternoon. BJ

  6. Fab pics and you looked very crafty :-) I attended the workshop in the afternoon and it was amazing x


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