Thursday 1 August 2013

Little Details

Carolyn has a weekly meme on Thursdays called Messy Little Details.  Find out about it here.  Why don't you join in?

I took this photo in Florida last November.  I took several photos but the butterfly always faced this way presumably to keep the sun on its back.

And the winner is - well I couldn't choose between you - I loved all the comments.

So could all 5 of you, Bonnie, Jennie, Scrapcat, Beverley and Carolyn,  please email me and give me your name and postal address.

Thanks for leaving a comment.


  1. Thanks so much Bernice.
    Love this photo of the butterfly - looks like he is hiding from you!
    I have been following your passport pages and they are all so well done. This past month has been hectic - I will work at these (as well as the A to Z - I keep working away at that one as well. Thank you for all your hard work on organizing these month long journeys.

  2. Bernice - not sure how to get in touch with you.Could you email me and then I will send the info you need. Thanks so much.

    1. Sorry, the email me is now way down on the left side of my page here.!

  3. What a beautiful photograph. I love the perspective and how you cropped it with so much beautiful blue sky.

  4. This is a wonderful photo - quite magical!

  5. What a beautiful photograph and I love all that negative space. Thanks for linking.


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