Sunday 11 August 2013

Recycled Map Journals

On 12 Months in View today there is a blog post about recycling maps.

I made two different journals using maps.  A 5 inch square zigzag one

And a 7 inch by 5 inch one.

The square one was made from watercolour paper.  I cut one 20"x16" piece of paper into 3 five inch strips.  I cut 2 pieces to 15.5 inches and one piece to 10 inches.  I scored the longer pieces at 5 inches.  I joined the 3 pieces together using the small folded piece at the end of the longer pieces.

I cut two pieces of cardboard to 5.25 inches square and put double-sided tape on.  I also covered the cardboard and the tape after I'd removed the backing.

I stuck the boards to a piece of cardstock and then cut round them with a sharp craft knife.

I inked around the edges and a little way in on the back.

I put the tape and glue as before on oned end of the paper and stuck it to the book. I di this with the other end to the second piece of card.

I stamped randomly in the book.  I used some of the embellishments I'd made and cut some pieces of map to stick in.  It is easier to do the decorations before you put the covers on.

I decided to leave the book as a zigzag book so both sides are decorated.

The rectangular journal was made from a map.  This is the full width of the map and cut at the next folds either side.

Here it is with the top folded over.

And here folded up to make the book.

I cut two pieces of card just bigger than the folded map and painted one side with acrylic paint and just round the edges of the other side.

I decided to cut off the piece to the left which wasn't full size.

I thought it would be great to make pockets so I put the opening at the top and then used double-sided tape to form the pockets.

I stuck the map to the covers.

Then mid making the book I thought it would be good to have more pockets - no idea why!

If you attach the covers carefully they will sit down side by side.  Sadly mine overlap just a little.

Then I tried out different ways to decorate the cover and ended up with the tag shown at the beginning of this post.

I have put the tags into the pockets.  You could use tags for the journaling.  I haven't stuck these down yet as I'm not sure how I am going to use the journal.

I hope you enjoy making your own journals from maps.

Thanks for stopping by.

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