Tuesday 13 August 2013


On 12 Months in View today the technique challenge is Rubber Band Embossing.

Which is fine! Until you find that there's only one rubber band in the whole house!  Still needs must.

I have a very small roller which doesn't need to be taken apart so tried that first.  The problem with it, is that the roller is spongey so the rubber band sank into it a bit.

Here I had pressed on too hard.

Here I managed to do it with less pressure.

I tried tying string around a brayer but that only worked once because of the way I tied the string!

I decided I would try with card instead.  This might have worked better if I had more than one rubber band!

Then I tried string wrapped round card.

Finally I inked all my samples with Distress Inks and stuck them in my journal.

I may never use this technique again, but I love to try out new things so that I can count the idea in or discard it.

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