Thursday 8 August 2013

Little Details

Carolyn has a weekly meme on Thursdays called Messy Little Details.  Find out about it here.  Why don't you join in?

After the Floridian butterfly last week I thought I would show you one from closer to home.  In fact so close it was in my back garden.

There were several of them on a bush and this one landed on the plant next to it.  I took lots of photos but for some reason the auto focus decided not to work so I only got one or two sharp pictures.

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  1. Noticing the details of life makes me much more thankful to my Creator, God. I marvel at how much beauty He puts into even the smallest things. How great our God is!! Thank you for the reminder and the beautiful picture!!

  2. What a gorgeous shot of the butterfly!

  3. Beautiful! I'm going to do a messy little details post this weekend.

  4. This is beautiful. I've had fun with auto focus for photos like this as well - the only thing I have found to help is switching to spot focus.


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